We want you to spend happy days with healthy mind and body. 

As our vision, we don't use any of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which is called natural farming,

our mission is to create and provide foods that utilize the blessings of nature, 

such as the sun, water, land, and organisms.


Tokunosake 'Taisho'



 We use "Yamada Nishiki Rice"  made by natural cultivation in Tokushima.

  No use pesticides and fertilizers, sake of  Daiginjo.


Brewed by Tentaka shuzo at Tochigi ,the first in the country to win a gold award organically for sake "Tenkata" at the New Liquor Conference.


Taste: I feel the sweetness that is kind to the distinctive scent.If you drink cold, it is compatible with various dishes.


Tokunosake 'Arigaotu'




Yamada Nishiki Rice is a large-grained, starch-rich variety cultivated as sake rice.


It is easy to collapse because it is tall and it is very difficult to cultivate.


Sake quality is finished in the flavor and taste that both dignity and taste.

Sweetness and hotness coexist, and it is characterized by a good backdoor.


Tokunoshuchu  'Mottainai'



It is High-Quality rice shochu mixed with Akebono Rice and using a part of sake lees from Yamada Nishuki Rice. A valuable shochu certified as Kosher as a proof of safety.


Normal rice shochu has a mild taste and is not very popular with shochu, but it has become a rich taste by using sake lees.


From Sky Tea Garden

The production area is a tea plantation with a superb view of Shizuoka  and Mt. Fuji.


surrounded by nature, this tea leaf was grown without using any pesticides, fertilizers, chemically synthesized materials and microbial materials.


We utilize the blessings of nature to enrich the soil and grow tea leaves while maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.


It is a tea that values the coexistence of people and nature

Green tea

Green Tea has a good aroma, and it has a good balance of sweetness, body and thickness.


Because it is made without pesticides and fertilizers, it is richer in catechinand vitamin C than green tea grown by ordinary farming methods.


Hoji-cha is produced by roasting green tea on high heat.


The distinctive scent is spread from the moment it is contained in the mouth.


The sweetness and warmth like baked chestnut will heal your heart

Japanese Black Tea

Although very few, there is also a Black Tea called "Tea" in Japan.Unlike the "tea" distributed throughout the world, its taste is very gentle. If you take a drink, there is a sweetness that makes you feel relieved